Meet the Zhu Zhu Pets!

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Kung Zhu pets

Kung Zhu pets

Kung Zhu

battle hamsters are on the way, find out more!

Each Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster has its own unique personality and whimsical sounds! They drive around in little cars, zip up ramps and spin down slides, run in their hamster wheels, and get into all sorts of crazy situations. Their artificial intelligence even allows them to know what room of their hamster habitat they are in. They make toilet-flushing or teeth-brushing sounds when they enter the bathroom and sleeping noises and alarm-clock sounds when they go into their bedroom. Click on the Zhu Zhu Pet's names to the left to view their bios and learn more about each pet!

The first set of Zhu Zhu Pets were released in late 2009 and quickly became that year's must-have toy for the Christmas season. The first four pets were Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, Chunk, Pipsqueak, and Patches. In 2010, additional Zhu Zhu pets were released including Jilly, Scoodles, Winkie and Nugget. All of these have increased the Zhu Zhu craze since everyone is going nuts trying to find these in stores since they seem to sell out as quickly as they arrive on the shelves.

More cuteness is being release as the company announced plans to release even more pets this year including a Zhu Zhu Babies line, as well as a "Kung Zhu" battle pets line that will be sure to please boys' sense for fighting and battle action.

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